One of the most important tasks of our Home is to provide active, fulfilled and joyful ages to all of our users. The professional team aims to adjust various work-therapy activities to each user, using an individual approach.

Within the framework of our activities we want to achieve the following:

  • developing social skills through the expansion of the social network, improving communication and reducing social isolation
  • reduction of passivityraising self-confidence and strengthening identification
  • encouraging initiative and interest, and developing personal culture
  • raising mood and reducing anxiety
  • improvement of general physical condition, strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • building a positive image of yourself
  • encouraging independent self-care
  • improving of coordination
  • space orientation
  • giving the opportunity to face challenges

We also help our residents in organization of free time. The aim of free time organization is to encourage personal development and self-actualization, meet personal needs and potential through leisure and realization of personal freedom.

Our wish is to develop a sense of fulfillment and affiliation by a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. In addition to professional staff, users will be actively involved in selecting activities and organizing events.