Stationary department

The Home`s specialty are adjusted services for users who need intensive monitoring and assistance in everyday activities.
The Home has a special central department with intensified care for immobile users and users with incurable diseases and those users have at their disposal top accommodation, care and 24 hours surveillance of professional medical staff.

Users have full medical care service, physical therapies and rehabilitation.
The department is equipped with modern medical equipment and appliances such as elevator for lifting of immobile users or therapeutic relaxation hydromassage bath. Beds have premium antidecubital mattresses with compressor.

The room for all professinal medical staff, headed by primary nurse, is located in stationary department.


Activities with users in stationary department are very important for improving the quality of their lives and for successfully integration into the community in which they live, despite their limitations.

All activities are carried out with the intention to eliminate the difficulty of adapting, to stimulate and maintain the communication and social skills and to encourage users involvement in the everyday life of the community. All of it is supervising by professional medical staff.

Our institution with its stationary department and palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for users with severe diseases by fulfillment of the highest care standards. Care for those patient is health, psychological and social care.