About us

Home for elderly and adults with severe illnesses Senior Care is a modern institution with equipment at the highest standards.

Provides comprehensive care that includes housing, nutrition, personal hygiene, health care, medical staff supervision, maintenance of living space, and organization of work activities and free time.

The capacity of the institution is one hundred users. Accommodation is possible in following departments: residential, stationary (the expanded care unit), department for Alzheimer and other dementias.

Home is fully adapted to the needs of elderly. Considering difficulties in movement, the entire institution is built as first floor without lifts, stairs and obstacles that would otherwise make moving more difficult.

To create a dynamic environment, there are various amenities within the Home area:

  • Institution for Occupational Health
  • Place for physical therapy
  • Medical equipment shop
  • Caffe bar
  • Exercise room
  • Reading room
  • Laundry
  • Hairdressing and pedicure salon

The Senior Care team is made up of professional and educated personnel with many years of experience in providing health care and organization of activities for elderly.

A social worker, physiotherapist, therapist, primary nurse and other nurses are taking care of the users.